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10 sam icons

save, comment and credit please.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
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Oh, beautiful Sam!
Have saved #3 for later use and will
surely credit.

Thank you for posting!!
I'm not taking them but #2 and #3 are very nice. Great job!
Thank you making Sam icons!! I snagged a few and I will credit. Thanx so much!!
I <3 the base for number six. Wherever did you get it from. I dub it perfect!Samwise. Yes. Yes indeedy.

Alas, not taking any at the moment, because I spent far too much computer space on icons as it is....^_^
Yay! Sam icons! These are all really fabulous. I love #5. :)
GREAT icons.

~lotr freak
love all of them! so rare to find great Sam icons! i really really love all of them but taking #9, #4, #7... awww but they're all so preciousssss~!! thanks =) will credit when use =)
Yay! Sam! ^_^
Very beautiful icons. I love the lighting and coloring on them and you also did a beautiful job on the blends (#2 especially).
yay samwise!
Hey dear, I've started a new community dedicated to reviewing icon journals/communities (theimc). I would be so grateful if you would join and submit your journal for review and/or mention it in your journal for the other icon makers out there<3. Also, if you're interested, I would love to be affiliates with you, your icons are marvelous!
taking the hobitscicle ;D gorgeous icons.
Those are wonderful! I love Sam icons. I took all of these! Will give credit if used :)
Took #5 will credit thanks!