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a huge lord of the rings: return of the king post. 36 icons in all. ive been working on these for the last few days. enjoy.

all shall fade what does your heart tell you? aragorn anduril arwen

- do not redistribute icons, or claim them as your own.
- do not copy my bases, or change my icons in anyway. ex: do not change text or anything else on my icon, they come as they are.
- comment and tell me which ones youre taking. mostly this is because im interested in which people like better. but i also want to know where youre going. if i see people are taking them and not commenting, i will change back to a friends only.
- a credit in either your userinfo, keywords, or journal entries would be nice. this way other people can find icons too.
- again, dont steal anything. if there are any movie or show caps, 99.9% of the time they have been capped my me. and it can be time consuming. so dont take stuff suckas.
- share the wealth. the more people that come and like these icons, the more likely i will be to add more and update more often. xoxo.

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I'm taking the 4th one (drink to the green dragon). Thay are all really good though. Thanks! :)
there are awesome! Taking "light when all others go out", "return of the king", and "witch king"
Great icons, it's nice seeing someone use vibrant colors.
The Green Dragon and Lady of the Wood ones are fabulous.
took merry and pippin at the green dragon great icons will cresit.

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Took alot especially Samwise the brave and witch doctor

Deleted comment

OOO they are all sooo pretty! Awesome job. I nabbed the return of the king one and the white city one; both are in the bottom row. Great job!
I envy! Took a few random hobbits, and the 'Palantir' one :) Lovely work!
took samwise ;) and credited
Beautiful icons!

Taking 'Merry & Pippin' and 'Stupid Fat Hobbit,' thanks!
Crediting a handful, but they're all great! Thanks.
Saved Gandalf (death is not the end), Smeagol (my precious), and the White City icon. Will credit! Added journal name in when I saved 'em, I dids!
Can you send me the "For Frodo" one to my e-mail address (ixtrueloveix@aol.com) in JPG form? For some reason, when I save icons that people make, unless their animated, it won't save. >_> It would be appreciated. :D <33 Loveses yer iconses.
I am taking several of these lovely icons:

- All Shall Fade
- What Does Your Heart Tell You
- Merry and Pippin
- I am no man
- The Light of the Evenstar
- Death is not the end
- The Return of the King
- Samwise the Brave
- The White City
- The Witch King

You'll receive credit when they're used!
your icons are lovely,

will of course credit when used! thank you!!
They're all great, I'm taking the first one thanks again.